My Dog Carley

Hi! My Name is Carley, I'm a part Shelty, part Golden Retriever mix
Im 14 Years old
I was adopted from the SPCA of Maryland when I was 5 months old.
As a puppy, my previous family starved me for 2 weeks, giving me only sticks and grass to eat before turning me into the SPCA
Luckily I was picked up by a loving family, who nurtured me back to full strength.
I'm now probably one of the most spoiled dogs in the world
Because I live on Sanibel Island, and go to the beach all the time with my family

4/12/09 Easter with Carley!

On Easter I went to the beach with my family
Here I am playing In the water
I love the water, So I get all wet
I decide to Dry off
Its time to scope for hot guy dogs
Better put my shades on
Today was awesome, but now im tired!

12/25/08 Christmas with Carley!

Today is that strange day when my owners sit around a tree in our living room and open colorful boxes
I like today because I usually get a few of the boxes, and they have things I like in them
Its my turn to get my gift, my owners help me open it
Oh Boy Whats this?
Pedi-paws! Awesome now my owners can trim my nails without any pain!
My point is Mark Beckoff is right, animals have emotions just like we do. Its sick that people would starve animals for weeks at a time, how would you like it if I fed you sticks? If you still don't believe animals have emotions, I'd like you to stare at this picture and repeat "animals don't have emotions" 100 times.
I know, Its hard :)

Carley Proves Animals have Emotions!

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